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Whether you're talking with your next door neighbor or visiting carpet and manufacturing stores around town, you'll hear that they rely on Alexander’s for quality craftsmanship and service they can trust.

Since 1935, we've done business the old-fashioned way, earning customers' loyalty by treating you and your textile furnishings with the respect and care you deserve. The reputation we have built brings customers to us by referral and keeps them coming back year after year, generation after generation.

Our service is efficient, our staff is friendly and conscientious. We stand behind all our work. Every one of our technicians is screened, well trained and industry qualified.

Along with our years of experience, we bring the latest oriental rug repair and cleaning technology to every job. This means you will enjoy the best possible results in cleaning, preventive care and specialty restoration. No one tries harder than we do to assure total customer satisfaction.

Ralph Alexander, with his wife Sylvia Alexander, provide professional cleaning, repair and restoration services, along with sales of all types of oriental rugs.  Current rugs on display include Persian rugs made in Iran such as Kerman, Kashan, Bokhara, Saruk, and Isfahan Rugs; Armenian rugs from the Caucasus including Chelaberd (Sunburst design), Khntzoretzk (Cloudband design) Kedashan, Karabagh Pictorial and Kazak Rugs.  Alexander Rugs also carries Chinese art deco rugs made in the 1920’s and antique Navajo tribe rugs and blankets.  
Alexander Rugs sponsored the publication of Passages: Celebrating Rites of Passage in Inscribed Armenian Rugs by Murray L. Eiland Jr. and offer these books for sale at our showrooms.  The Alexander Family takes pride in the historical value of these rugs and is always excited to educate our customers as to the various patterns, symbols and weaves involved in hand-made rugs, as well as the distinctions between Persian, Caucasian, Chinese and Navajo rugs. 



We also are distributors of the world reknown Tufenkian Rugs, which are hand-made in the Caucasus using the finest wools and incorporating traditional symbols with contemporary styles.




The Caucasian Oriental Rug design primarily from the Caucasus in the Country of Armenia and parts of Turkey (which was formerly Armenia) at Van, Anti, Sardarapat, Erevan, Garni, Lori-Pambak, Kazak and Gendje Area and most notably from  Karabagh and ancient villages such Stepanakert, Goris, Khondzoresk, Chelaberd and Shishiis one of the most sought after decorator rugs throughout the world and is used in castles, palaces, mansions, trendy hotels and in homes since the symbols utilized from these ancient lands reflect and subliminally Christian symbols and with substantial geometrical designs. 

Of course, there are beautiful designs from the Persia and most notably the ancient symbols of rugs from the towns of Tabriz, Chahar Mahal, Kerman, Sarouk, and Ispahan.  Alexander Rugs offers both antique and new Persian Rugs to the public!

Such design is as follows:
The Sunburst Karabagh Rug made in the Karabagh region and most commonly known as the “EAGLE KAZAK RUG” shows clear inscription identifying the traditional Armenian Symbols with the Christian Cross draped in several motifs expanding from petite cross to a larger size cross within the petite cross and then a grand cross almost eagle wings flapping! The antique Eagle Kazak Rug are very rare and expensive and one of the most collectible Armenian Rugs throughout the world.  Alexander Rugs sells both the antique and new versions of the handmade Eagle Kazak.

The Chondzorsk Rug made in the Karabagh region and most commonly known as the “CLOUDBAND RUG” is a traditional Armenian rug that is given by the parents throughout all the old villages within Armenia as a wedding gift to their children at the time of their marriage.  Within the medallion of the Cloudband Rug are usually two motifs with a predominant, petite Armenian cross in the center which is enclosed in a geometrical square surrounded by several snake like symbols around the cross and multiple goblet style symbols within the geometrical borders.  The snakes within the Cloudband Rug symbolize prosperity for the new couple and to detract the evil thoughts or evil elements from fragmenting the marriage.  There is also christening by the priest motif within each medallion in diagonal shape with the cross at the tip of the pin.  The goblets symbolize the wine drink at the wedding cheering prosperity and love to the new couple.  Like the Eagle Kazak, the antique Cloudband Rug is also very rare and highly collectible and Alexander Rugs sells both the antique and new version of the handmade Cloudband Oriental Rug.

The Star Lesghi Rug made in the Gendje region is also a traditional Armenian Rug and provides a two dimensional preview of the Armenian Cross not only from the cross like symbols in the center medallion along an aerial preview of the geometrical designs of the Christian Churches.  Also, the Star Lesghi Rug magnifies the Armenian Cross with two diagonal points at each side of the cross which adds up to a total of eights clearly illustrates the Armenian Cross.  Alexander Rugs sells both the antique and new version of the handmade Star Lesghi Rug. Click here to see all our products.



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